Interior Design Family Nail

Project Name : Family Nail
Location : –
Statust : Finish
Scope of work : Interior Design

Interior design project to decorate a nail salon called Family Nail in a department store. The shop owner wants to expand the small nail salon to be a nail salon with full-service spa using black, white and pink as the main colors in this decoration.

As the original area before decorating inside the shop is a triangle area, with the front of the shop being a double-sided glass and a sharp tip into the inside, therefore, the design is to construct a wall to cover as a curved line with truncated corner to make a spa room. The wall to be constructed is drilled at the middle as a black shelf, with lamps hidden inside to make the product outstanding more, with gold edge to the glass floor and the edge of the shelf to add prominent point and make it feel more luxurious. The white and pink furniture is chosen to make the atmosphere in the shop softer.