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Sclupture Project Royal Park Rajapruek

Project Name : With the royal mercy, people live peacefully
Location : Royal Flora Mueang Chiangmai, Thailand.
Statust : Operation
Scope of work : Landscape and Sculpture Design

Project to design a sculpture that reflects the royal duties of Great King of Thailand. It is a project which the Royal Park Ratchapruek wants to present the sculpture to honor the 10 great kings of Thailand to be displayed as a permanent sculpture in the inner courtyard of the royal park. The original area is an open space with lawn and concrete grandstand surrounding on one side. And there is a way to connect to the royal pavilion. The team offers the King’s science under the virtue of the King through the concept of “With the royal mercy, people live peacefully”. This is to present solidarity, prosperity and peacefulness through the sculpture and video media to reflect the outstanding abilities in each era of the Chakri dynasty, starting from formation of cities, arts, culture, religion, economy and architecture.

The main colors used are those of gold, silver and copper alloy, all of which are sacred colors since ancient times. This time, we have worked with 10 artists to create 10 sculptures, located on a spiral walking path. It shows the succession of the royal wishes from generation to generation for the peacefulness of Thai people.

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