Architecuture Design Ticketing Building Durian Land

Project Name : Durian Land
Location : Makham Chantaburi, Thailand.
Statust : Under Construction
Scope of work : Renovation and Landscape Design

Durio cafe and Bistro building renovation and interior decoration project. We received a need from an owner who wants to make a restaurant in the durian orchard to support tourists who come to pay homage to the statue of the Mother Earth enshrined at the foothill in the durian orchard and want to be one of destinations to be visited when visiting Chanthaburi Province.

A single-storey building is elevated since it is adjacent to the foothills. It is a steel structure with glass installed for the whole building. The interior is not yet decorated. The advantage of this building is a 360-degree view of the durian orchard. So, we started from designing the identity of the Durio café, offering an idea of cafe and bistro that serves in one dish or with food and drinks and designing the atmosphere which is easy to access, feeling friendly, unique but harmonizes with the surrounding area. Therefore, we chose to use white, gray, black and brown as the main colors and add strength with yellow cream to remind of durian and also increase fun in the shop as well. Decorative materials are natural materials such as marble table tops, real wood not lacquered and trees to increase liveliness and connect with the outside nature.