Exhibition Design Service

Exhibition design service

“Every moment of impression is our great work.”

To create a good moment for visitors to an exhibition or booth, experience design is considered asa heart of the design. No matter who the target customers are, we are pleased to have our designs to help create a good experience between consumers and brands, as well as an exhibition which the visitors can access to the essence of the content that customers want to communicate impressively, with modern technologies such as VR 3D-Animation media design, full of light, color, sound, smell and touch. We offerour design service for both temporary exhibition and permanent exhibition, outdoor or indoor.

“We are fully dedicated to our design in every brief, guarantee on both efficiency and effectiveness”

The project to renovate the entrance section and landscape of the Durian Land Garden, Chantaburi Province is a project to renovate the front of the durian garden in order to provide a beautiful atmosphere and storefront to accommodate tourists, especially Chinese tourists who like to eat durian buffet, including a stopover point for travelers passing through Chanthaburi Province.Formerly the Durian Land Project openedfor visit and provided adventure activities in the area of more than 1000 rai for more than 5 years but its front landscape had not been improved. So, our team proposedmaking a new logo from the original concept, whichwants to convey to the durian garden clearly, therefore it came out as the current logo at the front of the project.And we designed the interior decoration of the souvenir shop focusing on simplicity easy on the eyes to make the shelves to stand out. The glass is installed to look open and be able to see the outside view clearly.Use of materials and space placement, we focused on natural materials, including the use of natural colors to match the outside garden atmosphere.For the landscape improvement to be a place to take pictures and view the garden, colorful shrubs are planted toattracttravelers who passed by. There is a tower for going up to see 360-degree views of the surrounding mountains and also for watching the sunset behind the mountain as well. The tower is designed to be simple, not to compete with the surrounding flower gardens, with vertical line showing stability, which is linked from the souvenir building where you can feel that they are in the same story when you see them.