Architecture Design Service

Design of residential buildings

“We believe that a house of comfortably living is the house that brings balance between nature and the building according to preferences of the residents.”

Thus,our design aims to create aesthetics for residential buildings with a perfect design. We believe that customer needs always come first. When we get to play a role as an integrator among free space, building and the use of residents, based on the principles of architectural design and aesthetics,whether it is a detached house, housing project, townhome or condominium, we can always create a design of building in your favorite style.

Design of commercial buildings

“We pay great attention to analysis of thework areas suitable for each type of business.”

We offer designs and renovation of commercial buildings, guest houses, shops, restaurants or cafes with the use of modern technology to convey the corporate identity through the building design perfectly, with a great desire that our design will remind the target users to recognize the customers’ brands , as well as enjoying activities done in that area according to the purpose of each type of building use.